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Book Review: There (On the Otherside #2)

There (On the Otherside #2)
Julia Phillips’ world is an alternate universe away.

Trapped in a land where government leaders want her dead, Julia is forced to run for her life with Evan and Reece, the two boys who brought her here. They’re on their own in a hostile landscape ruled by scavengers and thieves.

But Evan is battling a deadly infection, and Julia finds herself racing against time as she tries to find the medicine that will save his life. She and Reece find an unlikely ally—Jo, a girl they free after finding her captured in a bandits’ hideout.

As the four travel across the country, Julia has something else to worry about—her memories are slowly being replaced by the Julia of Evan and Reece’s world. Will they find a way to send Julia home before it’s too late? Or will Julia’s body and mind be trapped THERE?

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Publisher: Denise Grover Swank
Publication Date: December 2012

Kat's Review

(Spoiler Alert: If you haven't read the first book in the series, there will be some spoilers here because it's impossible to talk about the plot without giving some things away.)

I liked the first book quite a bit, but this one was even better.  Although I'm not generally a fan of love triangles, this one was written in such an original way that it actually made sense.  The Julia of this world is in love with Evan, but as the memories of the Julia of the other world continue to invade her consciousness, she finds herself drawn more and more to Reece, the boy the other Julia loved until the day she died.  On the run for their lives, looking for Reece's mom and trying to find a way to send Julia back home, the love triangle is the least of their worries.  More concerning is Julia's precarious hold on reality and battle to stay sane.  When they decide on a whim to take along a girl they found bound and alone, they hope they've made the right decision.  Jo is a survivor, living outside the limits of the town Evan and Reece call home, and no one is certain where her loyalties lie.

This book is fast paced and action packed.  As we follow the group toward their destination, obstacle after obstacle get thrown in their path, testing them physically, mentally and emotionally, tugging at their precarious bonds of trust.  Every time I thought I had a character figured out, something happened to make me question my assessment.  I really enjoyed the way the author allowed Evan and Reece to struggle with their emotions for Julia, wanting to hold on to the girl they had lost, but coming to accept and love the girl that was in front of them.  I wasn't always certain that either truly let go of their old Julia, but it was obvious how hard they were trying. 

The ending was shocking, and the alternate ending the author offers a glimpse into a "sliding door" reality, emphasizing how one decision can change the course of our lives. 

Rating: A Good Read

This book held my attention and kept me up late.  I've never read anything from Denise Grover Swank except for the two books in this series, but I will certainly be fixing that oversight soon.  A really good read.

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  1. Great review! I absolutely loved this book too! :)

    1. Thanks! I cam across this author late to the game, but I'm glad I found her!


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