Sunday, March 10, 2013

Liebster Award

A great, big, thank you to Chelsea from Starbucks & Books Obsession for nominating me.  I'm a new kid on the book blogging block, and she has certainly made me feel welcome!
The Rules

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator, list 11 random facts about yourself and create 11 questions for your nominees;
3. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 11 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been chosen.
4. Copy and Paste the blog award on your blog.


Questions from the nominator:

1. If you could write a book, what genre would it be?
I actually do write in my spare time (generally meaning late at night when I should be asleep.)  I write YA. 

2. What's your favorite past time, besides reading?
I love to write and watch sports.

3. What teacher or professor has inspired you most?
There are 3: Two high school history teachers taught me to not be ashamed or embarrassed of my love of reading and learning, and also showed me a different way of looking at the world.  My thesis supervisor inspired me to strive to do better.  He taught me that OK is OK, but that I'm capable of more.  He also always challenged me intellectually, forcing me to question everything.

4. What's your favorite literary love triangle?
I don't really have one.  I only occasionally like true love triangles.  Although on TV, I do kind of like the Vampire Diaries triangle they've got going on.  I don't love the books, but I guess that counts, right?

5. Cake or Pie?
Cake in winter, pie in summer.

6. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Either Paris, or somewhere warm and Spanish speaking, like Costa Rica

7. What is your favorite book of all time?
There are too many to choose from.  Favourite childhood book is probably Anne of Green Gables, but I love 100 Years of Solitude, the Harry Potter Series, and so much more.  I love different books for different reasons.

8. If you could re-write the end of any book, which one would it be?
I wouldn't rewrite the end of any book because love it or hate it, the ending is so important that it can change the whole book. 

9. What is your favorite coffee drink?
If I'm not drinking strong black coffee, I drink Vanilla Lattes.  Now I want a vanilla latte.

10. Who is your favorite author?
Kind of like the favourite book question, this one is hard to answer.  Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of my favourites because he is a literary genius.  HonorĂ© de Balzac is another.  J. K. Rowling inspires me.  There L. M. Montgomery accompanied me through childhood.  There are too many to choose just one!

11. What is your favorite type of blog post?

My favourite type of post is one that gives me information but is also interesting to read.  If I'm reading a review, I want the reviewer's personality to come through.  I don't care if it's biased.  It SHOULD be biased because it's an opinion.  Otherwise I like posts that teach me something or show me a glimpse into the blogger's world.

 11 Random Facts about Me

1- I speak French and Spanish and can read Italian.
2- I love to travel and am lobbying my husband to live abroad for a year or two.
3- I am a football fanatic (NY Giants) and have a jersey I break out for games.
4- I run another blog called Celiac Baby! that chronicles life with my son, who can't eat gluten.
5- I rarely sleep more than 5-6 hours a night.  Mostly because I'm up late reading or writing.
6- I love yoga.
7- I like gardening and I grow vegetables in the summer.
8- I'm pretty good with tools and like to do things around the house.
9- I love the color black and would wear it everyday if it didn't make me seem creepy.
10- I would love to run a 5k someday.
11- I still bite my nails, even though I've been trying to stop since I was a kid.
11 Questions for my nominees

1- Why did you decide to start book blogging?

2- Which three books are you most looking forward to reading in the next month or so?

3- What's the most important criteria you look for when deciding whether to read a book?

4- If you could meet any author, who would it be?

5- What one question would you ask that author?

6- What book can you read again and again and never get tired of reading?

7- Which book would you love to see get adapted to film or TV?

8- What's your dream vacation  spot?

9- What has been the most challenging thing about running a blog?

10- Which two book characters would you like to be friends with?

11- Which two authors would you like to see collaborate on a book together?

My Nominees

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