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Review: Waiting on Forever (The Forever Series #2)

Waiting on Forever (The Forever Series #2)
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
(Spin-off of Planning on Forever)


Parties, sororities and getting drunk.

Oh, yeah. And learning.

This may be true for most college students, but not for Leah Bennett. College life for her includes studying, working, and excelling in school. When it comes to the social ladder, Leah is at the bottom. Popular girls, hot guys and star athletes are of no importance to her, except for one.

Matthew Jacobs.

Matt is the starting wide receiver at SUNY Cortland, the most wanted guy on campus and Leah’s best friend. Although Leah’s feelings toward Matt run deeper than just a friendship, it is something she would never let be seen because the odds of someone like Matthew Jacobs going for someone like Leah Bennett are slim to none.
When Matt starts showing an interest in Leah that goes beyond friendship, she is dumbfounded and doesn’t believe it is possible – until one weekend that changes everything.

Will Matt and Leah’s popularity status get in the way of having a chance at a real relationship?

Or does status mean nothing when it comes to true love?

(Cover & Description from GOODREADS.)
Publisher: Ashley Wilcox
Publication Date: April 8, 2013
Kat's Review

I didn't hate this book, but I didn't particularly like it either.  The book is listed as an adult contemporary romance, but I think it falls squarely in the New Adult category. Serious, studious girl meets athletic superstar and their worlds collide.  I think the book description is a bit misleading, because with the exception of one girl in particular, nobody treated Leah like a loser or made a big deal of Matt's athletic status or popularity.  In fact, she was welcomed with open arms by the whole football team and by Matt's friends.  The bigger issue in the book was with Leah's insecurities and her attitude toward people in general. 

The story is an easy read, and there are some cute parts.  Matt is a sweet male character who treats Leah well.  He is living with his own secret that has shaped his view of relationships, although Leah doesn't learn about it until almost the end of the book.  His friends are nice too, and the subject of the first book in the series.  I didn't really like Leah all that much, which is a problem since she narrates.  I found her character to be kind of stuck up and condescending, and I found it hard to reconcile her insecurities with her mean streak.  I also found it weird that she just kind of found herself in a relationship with Matt without even knowing it.  He announced their relationship before she even realizes that they're in one. 

In the end, I didn't hate the book, but I didn't love it.  I felt like it was missing something, and the epilogue felt rushed and unrealistic.  I can't put my finger entirely on what it was I didn't like.  Perhaps it needed some more character development, or more conflict.  I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Denise Grover Swank's After Math, or even Sawyer Bennett's Off Sides, both books about girls who fall for top athletes. 

However, it has a great rating on Goodreads, so even though it wasn't for me, it has obviously been well received by a lot of people.  It has a kind, sweet, love interest in Matt, and a cute courtship.  It also offers a happily ever after and a glimpse into the future, which I know many readers like to see.

Rating: Heavy Page Turner

As I said, this book wasn't my favourite New Adult book of all time, but it wasn't the worst either.  There were parts that made me smile, but too many that just didn't pull me into the story at all. 

I was provided with a copy of this book from the author & AToMR Tours in return for an honest review.


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