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Review: Act Like You Love Me (Accidentally in Love #2) by Cindi Madsen

Act Like You Love Me (Accidentally In Love #2)
What would you do for a second chance with your first crush?
Brynn McAdams isn’t the awkward drama geek she was in high school—she’s grown up and confident, or at least she likes to think so. But when her old crush, the impossibly handsome and impossibly unattainable Sawyer Raines, comes back to town to direct her community play, Brynn finds herself determined to be someone other than the girl he doesn’t even recognize. Good thing she’s an excellent actress.

After his bad breakup in NYC, the last thing Sawyer wants is to get involved with another actress. But the glamorous and beautiful Brynn draws him in, even though as her director, he knows she’s off-limits. There’s just something about the woman that feels…familiar. Like home.

As Brynn’s lies start to snowball, she struggles to stop acting and come clean. But what if Sawyer is already falling for the fake Brynn, not the Brynn she truly is?
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss
Publication Date: June 10, 2013
Kat's Review
This novel is about growing up and letting go of the past.  Brynn is shocked when her high school crush returns to their hometown and ends up directing the play she's the star of, while he renovates his parents' house.  He's only in town temporarily, preparing to move back to New York and continue pursuing his dream of writing movies.  When he mistakes Brynn for an actress from L.A., Brynn doesn't have the nerve to tell him that she's really the girl he didn't remember from high school, who now runs her parents' Bait and Tackle shop. 
Brynn is a woman stuck in the past.  She had a difficult time in high school, and it's obvious that her insecurities have carried into the present.  When Sawyer shows interest in her, instead of being herself, she puts on a persona of the woman she thinks he would be interested in, certain that who she really is wouldn't be enough.  Sometimes I got frustrated with Brynn's character, particularly when her moods changed on a dime, but I empathized with her insecurities.  It can difficult for people to let go of an image of who themselves based on the past, and have the confidence to envision a different future. 
Sawyer was a nice guy with some issues of his own.  Burned by an actress in the past, and determined not to get to close to anyone again, he approaches his relationship with Brynn as a fling.  As things get more serious, he has a difficult time trying to reconcile his feelings for her with his dreams for his career.  When he learns of Brynn's deception, it throws a huge wrench in their relationship. 
This is a sweet romance, with nothing too hot or steamy.  It's a story of two people getting to know each other while working through their individual issues and trying to find a way to trust.  There were times when I felt that they were a bit too one dimensional, but the story was fun and I was rooting for them to get together in the end. 
Rating: Worth a Look
This was a sweet, romantic read, perfect for a rainy afternoon or a lazy day in a hammock with a glass of lemonade.  The characters had real people problems, and no one was written as larger than life.  I enjoyed it.
I was provided a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher in return for an honest review.

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