Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: A Good Time (O'Leary's #2) by Shannyn Schroeder

A Good Time
A passionate free spirit and a sweet-talking playboy sound like a match made in heaven—until life gets in the way of all the fun and games…

Indy Adams values her freedom above all else. She works hard to support herself, moonlighting as a waitress while she fights for her first big sale in the Chicago real estate market. The last thing she needs is to be tied down, so she doesn’t think twice about declining her philandering boyfriend’s marriage proposal. Besides, she just landed a new client, a wealthy lothario—exactly the kind of guy who would understand her no-strings approach…

Handsome, rich, and charitable, most women jump at the chance to even talk to video game developer Griffin Walker, let alone date him. So he can’t understand why Indy wants nothing more than a few steamy nights together. Despite his romantic track record, Griffin longs for real love—complete with a home and family—and he wants it with Indy. But a blessing in disguise may lead them both to a life they never expected, and give Griffin a chance to show Indy that it’s okay to want more than a good time…

Publication Date: July 4, 2013


Kat's Review
***This review may contain some spoilers. I try to write spoiler free reviews, but I found it difficult to write an accurate review without revealing some info that might be considered "spoilery".

This is the second book I've read by this author, and I think that although this story is a bit more far-fetched than the last, the pace and writing have gotten better.

When Griffin hires Indy to be his real estate agent, the two are already acquainted. Griffin's best friend is marrying Indy's sister, and the two have spent time together as a result. Griffin has overcome a difficult childhood to become a very successful businessman due to his video game company. Indy is a struggling real estate agent who waitresses on the side for extra money. She doesn't know about Griffin's past, she only sees the successful man he is today. When she splits up with her boyfriend, Indy and Griffin begin to explore their feelings for each other.

Then she discovers she's pregnant, and everything falls apart. Indy isn't sure who the father is, and she must decide what to do about the baby. Griffin is suddenly thrust into a relationship that was supposed to be about fun with a woman who may be having a baby. As Indy struggles to figure out how she's going to deal with the curveball thrown her way, Griffin must also come to terms with what he's been trying not to admit, even to himself: that Indy is worth a whole lot more than just a good time.

I like Griffin's character, and Indy's independence even through tough times was something I admired, although sometimes I found her to be really stubborn. As I mentioned earlier, the storyline was a bit farfetched with the two potential fathers thing, but I did like the way it played out in the end. This was a fun, easy read that had some sweet moments. I liked that it dealt with some deeper subject matter, and that it didn't shy away from the realities of modern relationships.

Rating: Worth a Look

I have enjoyed both books by this author so far. They aren't deep reads, they're fun books about modern relationships that are heartwarming and great for a rainy day. There's nothing wrong with that.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from NetGalley & the publisher in return for an honest review.

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