Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Call me an idealist, but I love the beginning of a new year. It feels as though the slate is wiped clean in a way, and anything is possible. I know that most resolutions fail within the first few weeks, but I still think the optimism that accompanies those resolutions is encouraging.

This year my resolution is simple: Be kinder to myself and others.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Review: Game, Set and Murder by Elizabeth Flynn

Game, Set and Murder 
by Elizabeth Flynn

It’s the first day of the tennis tournament at Wimbledon. And a dead body is lying on court nineteen. Newly-promoted detective inspector Angela Costello recognizes the dead man as the Croatian champion-turned-coach, Petar Belic. Double grand-slam winner, Petar was one of the best-known and best loved players of the modern era. Petar had a complicated life: an ex-wife who wanted him back; a girlfriend who didn’t want to let him go; a business partner with secrets. Then there was leading Brit Stewart Bickerstaff, not universally popular with his fellow players, whom Petar had been coaching. Little by little DI Costello, despite awkward and prickly colleagues, discerns a trail through the mass of information. Unfortunately she has no way of proving her suspicions. But a prime suspect has overlooked a vital detail …
Publisher: Lion Hudson PLC
Publication Date: October 18, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ice Storm Madness

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If you live anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, out to Eastern Canada and through many parts of the United States, the past week has been a mess of ice storms, power outages, and that special celebration some of us call Christmas. A busy time no matter what, but add in a crazy storm that turned the world into something out of a fairy tale while simultaneously knocking out power for hundreds of thousands of people, and things get crazy.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

This is the first Christmas for Kat's Book Buzz, and I'm so thankful for all the support the blog has received since I started it in January. I wish all my readers a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cover Reveal: Run to You Series by Clara Kensie

(available February 1, 2014)
Part One in the riveting romantic thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past and a first love that will transcend secrets, lies and danger…
Sarah Spencer has a secret: her real name is Tessa Carson, and to stay alive, she can tell no one the truth about her psychically gifted family and the danger they are running from. As the new girl in the latest of countless schools, she also runs from her attraction to Tristan Walker—after all, she can’t even tell him her real name. But Tristan won’t be put off by a few secrets. Not even dangerous ones that might rip Tessa from his arms before they even kiss…

(available February 8, 2014)
Part Two in the riveting romantic thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past and a first love that will transcend secrets, lies and danger…
Tessa Carson has unlocked her heart and her secrets to Tristan Walker—but Tristan has secrets of his own, and his might just mean the end of Tessa’s family. Unaware, Tessa embraces falling in love and being herself for the first time since she was attacked when she was only eight years old. But secrets can’t be run from forever, and sometimes love is too good to be true…

(available February 15, 2014)
Part Three in the riveting romantic thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past and a first love that will transcend secrets, lies and danger…
Betrayed, heartbroken, and determined to save her family, Tessa Carson refuses to give in to Tristan Walker’s pleas for forgiveness. But her own awakening psychic gift won’t let her rest until she uncovers the truth about her family and her past. And Tristan is the only one who can help her sift through the secrets to find the truth hidden in all the lies…

About the Author
Clara Kensie grew up near Chicago, reading every book she could find and using her diary to write stories about a girl with psychic powers who solved mysteries. She purposely did not hide her diary, hoping someone would read it and assume she was writing about herself. Since then, she's swapped her diary for a computer and admits her characters are fictional, but otherwise she hasn't changed one bit.

Today Clara is the author of romantic paranormal thrillers for young adults. Her first book, RUN TO YOU, a super-sized three-part serial from HarlequinTEEN, begins February 1 2014 with weekly releases. The sequel, also a super-sized three-part serial, begins June 1 2014.

Her favorite foods are guacamole and cookie dough. But not together. That would be gross.

Author Links:
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review: Tangled Tides (Sea Monster Memoirs #1) by Karen Amanda Hooper

Tangled Tides (Sea Monster Memoirs #1)
by Karen Amanda Hooper

Yara Jones doesn't believe in sea monsters--until she becomes one.

When a hurricane hits her island home and she wakes up with fins, Yara finds herself tangled up in an underwater world of mysterious merfolk and secretive selkies. Both sides believe Yara can save them by fulfilling a broken promise and opening the sealed gateway to their realm, but they are battling over how it should be done. The selkies want to take her life. The merfolk want something far more precious.

Treygan, the stormy-eyed merman who turned Yara mer, will stop at nothing and sacrifice everything to protect his people--until he falls for Yara. The tides turn as Yara fights to save herself, hundreds of sea creatures, and the merman who has her heart. She could lose her soul in the process--or she might open the gateway to a love that's deeper than the oceans.

Publisher: Starry Sky Publishing
Publication Date: October 14, 2013


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Book Tour: Bitter Like Orange Peel by Jessica Bell

Welcome to my stop on the Xpresso Book Tour for Bitter Like Orange Peel!

Six women. One man. Seven secrets. One could ruin them all. Kit is a twenty-five-year-old archaeology undergrad, who doesn’t like to get her hands dirty. Life seems purposeless. But if she could track down her father, Roger, maybe her perspective would change.

The only problem—Roger is as rotten as the decomposing oranges in her back yard according to the women in her life: Ailish, her mother—an English literature professor who communicates in quotes and clich├ęs, and who still hasn’t learned how to express emotion on her face; Ivy, her half-sister—a depressed archaeologist, with a slight case of nymphomania who fled to America after a divorce to become a waitress; and Eleanor, Ivy’s mother—a pediatric surgeon who embellishes her feelings with medical jargon, and named her daughter after “Intravenous.”

Against all three women’s wishes, Kit decides to find Roger.
Enter a sister Kit never knew about.
But everyone else did.

Kat's Review

With a title like this, I had to sign up to be a part of this tour. This story is a tale of lies and deceit, with each character more bitter about their life's circumstances than the next. Everyone is keeping secrets, and none of the characters seem to have matured or are able to see past looking out for themselves. With a narrative that jumps from one character's perspective to the next, the reader gets a good look inside the heads of each of the main characters.

I found the dynamics between the two mothers and their daughters fascinating, especially since it's so apparent how strained each of their relationships are. There's a strange lack of affection, despite the feeling that there is love there. It's as though the mothers have learned to somehow hold back their emotions for fear of being hurt yet again. The completely absent Roger is nonetheless present in every conflict, every bad decision, every insecurity each of these women carry around with them.

An interesting novel about the power the past can have on the present, and the impact of a lie, even when told with the best intentions.

The author of Bitter Like Orange Peel, Jessica Bell, is hosting an international giveaway. To participate, read the terms and conditions and enter below to win!

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Choice 1: Paperback copies of my novels: String Bridge (+ MP3 downloads of original soundtrack), The Book, and Bitter Like Orange Peel
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