Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Kat's Book Buzz!

I'm so excited that Kat's Book Buzz has made it through the first year, and that my desire to keep contributing to the book blogging community is as strong as ever. This past year has been a lot of fun for me on the blog, because I made some incredible connections with readers, publicists, librarians, authors, and other publishing professionals.

I also published almost 250 blog posts, of which about 138 were reviews. I've participated in blog tours, cover reveals, author interviews, and giveaways. Best of all, I've been blessed with having the opportunity to expand my reading circle by branching out into genres I've overlooked in the past. While I always try to find books I think I'll like, blogging has made me realize that it's important to give the unknown a chance too. I may not like every book I read, but I try to figure out who the book may be right for instead.

As someone with a few works in progress on my laptop, I have a bit of an inkling of how hard it is to write a book, and that doesn't even include going through the editing, publishing, and promoting process. Whether I like a book or not, authors spend a lot of time and hard work on their stories. I respect that. I won't lie and say that I liked a book that I didn't, but I do believe that there's a way to talk about what I didn't like without ripping an author apart. I try to be professional in my reviews, and I'll continue to strive for that in 2014.

Now that the first year is behind me, it's time to change and grow. In 2014 my goal is to branch out even more. I want to read across more genres, and hopefully discover some hidden gems along the way. I'm looking forward to participating in more author events and connecting for more interviews & guest posts.  I'm looking forward to joining some weekly blog hops as well, in addition to the ones I currently participate in.

I'm also hoping to share some of my writing with you and provide some insight into how my writing process works. I only made it to 20,000 words in 2013's NaNoWriMo challenge, after winning in 2012 (both NaNo and Camp NaNoWriMo). My writing practice is a big priority for the coming year.

Finally, I want to connect more with readers and fellow bloggers. I had to pull out of the Ontario Book Bloggers meet-up because the plague hit my house, but there are a few events I have in my sights this year. Chatting with readers, sharing book recommendations, hosting giveaways, and best of all, making new friends are top of the list for 2014.

Thank you for reading the blog and making it worth my while to keep reading and reviewing.

Here's to another great year!

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